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pbreak_drabbles's Journal

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Prison Break Drabbles
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♦ This a drabble community for the TV show Prison Break. New challenges will be posted every two weeks, but you're welcome to post your drabbles that aren't related to the prompts.

♦ Want to suggest prompts for pbreak_drabbles? Hop over here and drop a comment.


♦ Let's take "drabble" in the wide acceptation of the word: any ficlet under 600 words is fair game.

♦ Feel free to post either in the comm or in your personal LJ, but please, do not link to flocked entries.

♦ LJ-cuts are your friends. Check the FAQ if you don't know how to use them. They're mandatory if your drabble is R or NC-17 rated, or if you post more than one drabble.

♦ Tag your entries and, when responding to a challenge, specify its number.

♦ Stories should be canon/character-based, so that means no RPF / RPS, please.

♦ Use this template (or a variation of it) for posting

♦ Have fun!

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