Clair de Lune (clair_de_lune) wrote in pbreak_drabbles,
Clair de Lune

Challenge 20: Just breathe

Challenge 19 Wrap Up

There Be Monsters by knopflergroupie
The Tighter Trap by clair_de_lune
Boxes and Closets by tuesdaeschild

Challenge 20: Just breathe

⇒ Contributions should be between 100 and 600 words.
⇒ Any genre - gen, het, slash, femslash - is welcome.
⇒ Feel free to post your drabble or ficlet either directly in the comm or on your personal journal.
⇒ You'll have two weeks for each challenge. Please try to post before the deadline, but if you can't make it, nobody will kick late contributions out ;)

Challenge #20 will be running until September 19th.
Tags: !challenges, !wrap up, challenge 20

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