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Title: Fate
Author: Liberate Our Time (liberateourtime)
Summary: Lincoln thinks that, maybe, this was how it is supposed to end.
Rating: PG-13 (Character Death)
Word Count: 162
Author's Note: Life!Flashes!Before!Youreye!Fic.

Funnily enough, as they pull the switch Lincoln sees his father. The face flashes before Lincoln's eyes for the briefest of seconds and then disappears, burned out like film.

Lincoln remembers the faintest brush of lips across his forehead in the dead of night. He remembers the scent of cigarettes and booze. He remembers a scream husked voice whispering his name and hands rough from construction work moving softly across his cheek. He remembers his mother's sobs the next morning. He remembers getting put in time-out the next day at school for pushing Sue MacManus into the mud when he hadn't really.

He remembers holding Michael for the first time. He remembers his baby brother filling the void that their father had left. He remembers making promises, so many promises, to LJ. He remembers breaking every single one of them.

And Lincoln's father finally says the words that Lincoln has been waiting twenty-five years for.


They find tears on his corpse.

Tags: author: liberateourtime, challenge 01, pairing: gen, rating: pg-13

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